Welcome to the Solarpunk Society! envision a fully sustainable green future where all humans live in harmony with the earth, her resources, each other and ourselves, Where we embrace the natural ways of the indigenous people of this earth and combine that ancient sacred knowledge with the thriving technological advancements we have today! This is what we believe needs to be structured in face of present environmental concerns, such as climate change and pollutionas well as social inequality's. The Solarpunk Society encompasses a multitude of media such as eco speculative fiction literature, art, architecture, fashion, music, and games. We Choose as a Solarpunk Society to focuses on safe and affordable renewable energies for all as well as technology as a whole, to envision a positive future for humanity. 

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Micah Wells is a community leader visionary, nature inspired artist, partner yoga teacher, intuitive healer, and is a Co-creater of the Solar Punk Society Civilization Explorer Magazine. Micah managed a eco hostel on an island called Koh Rong Sanloem in Cambodia for 18 months, witnessing polluted oceans filled with trash drifting onto the shore line daily, she was deeply moved to do something radically impactful in the reversal destruction of the planet and returned to Austin Texas following a calling to connect with other artist and visionaries like herself who desire to see a sustainable civilization. 

Jordan is a visionary Storyteller, Multi media artist, Earth steward, and is a Co-creator of the Solar Punk Society Civilization Explorer Magazine. Jordan has worked and managed intentional communities and ecovillages across the United states using his skills in Media and community organization to connect communities and create new ways for them to share and review resources. Jordan has spent the last 6 years working on online networks to collaborate on regenerative  land projects. Jordan is a green wizard dedicated to building an earth bound nation for the next 7 generations.


We are solarpunks

​We Choose to radically change our way of life and halt the destruction of our biosphere

We value youth maker culture, biomimicry, local solutions, local energy grids and ways of creating autonomous and decentralized functioning systems. We choose the joy of exploring the endless possibilities of clean and renewable energy that renders fossil fuels obsolete, we step into this revolution based in environmental restoration, building unity-in-diversity, with the free egalitarian distribution of power. We choose to Embrace playful, humble, futuristic aesthetics to catalyse a movement birthed from freedom. We Value design that speaks of a gentleness, and a recognition that colour and beauty can bring joy and give life meaning in even the most painful of circumstances. We actively Find ways to make life more wonderful for us right now, and also make decisions with future generations in mind. We embody a reality where humanity is in a abundant, symbiotic, resource-based economy. We choose to accept our collective responsibility as stewards of our environment where humanity sees itself as caretakers, gardeners and custodians that aim to reduce suffering for all sentient beings. We are stronger together. And the collective strength of our diversity creates fertil soils for change.

Recognise that our psycho-biological systems evolved in tribal contexts, thus we choose to integrate Tribal values and life style into our modern culture. We Respect and honour the subtle complexity and time tested wisdom of Indigenous peoples. We Continually cultivate self awareness as a means to improve the quality of our relationships and believe healthy relationships are the basis for a healthy culture and society.We See ourselves and each other as ‘Communities Of One’, a complex collection of different psychological parts and archetypes each with their own individual preferences and agendas. Together we rise to the challenge to recognise, sit with and integrate our personal and collective trauma.With the right human containers, constellations and social structures Humans will reach our highest potential in all areas of life and so we seek to constantly evolve and innovate upon our communities of practice and care Remembering we're no longer overlords but sacred stewards of this earth who Value the utmost levels of diversity in our systems. We now understand that spirituality and science coexist and are mutually generative. We respect the wisdom, insight and potential for deeper psychological integration provided to us by the carefully considered use of entheogens In this day and age we reclaim ritual and rhythm in order to cultivate regenerative communal cultures for The wreckage of the unsustainable is our frontier And we seek to remake our cities greener and better we are moving at the speed of love towards the vision of A Collective Blooming, where a planet wide network of peaceful, decentralised, ecologically sustainable and socially just communities all begin to flower at once.


We Choose to play the Infinite Game

We are diverse

We are beautiful

Solarpunk is Now

Solar Punk Magazine

SolarPunk Society Magazine is a revolutionary resource of Artists, writers, technologies, organisations and communities who all are moving society into a new paradigm of freedom, prosperity, and harmony with Earth. Each issue is printed from sustainable recycled paper and is full of different interview’s, art and information on regenerative projects around the globe.

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