About Civil X

Civil X is a mobile app and gaming project. It is an online platform that allows players to engage in media, education, gamified work projects, events, and community development. Civil X provides stories, resources and tools for easy replication of good ideas in diverse locations around the world. This is a cooperative based media platform for accessing training, workshops, co-op workspaces, and online team-building. 

Our mission is to establish a vibrant culture around regenerative living by demonstrating SolarPunk ideals. Let us build a world for seven generations to come.


Meet The Team

Jordan Larsen

Creative Art director and Community Development 

Jordan's expertise lies in systems design and multimedia, including film, audio, and art design, focusing on embracing and supporting the rise of healthy communities. Passionate about regenerative culture, Jordan has committed his talents and experience in media and eco-villages to build digital organizational tools for community development projects. Indigenous people's rights and issues are also a deep part of Jordan's work. He chooses to bring low-impact and helpful development technologies to native reservation communities that create quality self-reliance solutions and a just and regenerative future.

Kahlil Calavas
Interaction Developer

Kahlil's love for interactive applications, coding, and content creation comes, not just from his educational experiences, but from his journey through life. "I have always had a longing to travel in search of inspiration and knowledge and after I finished school at CCSU I decided to embark on a journey that would take me to Costa Rica, Taos New Mexico, and Portland Oregon to work on eco conscious and community based projects." In each of these places Kahlil learned from other travelers, business owners, and innovators that have been exploring a multitude of healing arts, agricultural disciplines, and regenerative lifestyles . At that time all he had was a laptop, a nikon d40 DSLR, a 360 panorama tripod, and a willingness to volunteer his time(mostly with WOOF). Fast forward he is currently obsessed with Unity development, GPS, AR and virtual reality technologies as a means to encourage technological tools to integrate seamlessly into real life. 

Atlas Talisman
Game Designer

Atlas is a game designer, leveraging the potential inherent within technology, the hivemind and the cyber realm to facilitate playful lived experiences. Atlas was a co-founder of Newkind Festival, a sustainability and regenerative technology festival in Tasmania, Australia and now runs Open World Theatre in New Zealand. Having designed a martial arts approach to the creative arts, through ‘The Orbits’ system, Atlas’ passion lies in making tools to assist people to level up their ‘human avatar’ in the game of Life!

Matthew Nowacki

Chief Creative Officer

Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Matthew has wanted to make games since he received a Game Boy for his 11th birthday. In pursuit of the dream, he attended college at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX, where he studied Computer Science and Japanese. In 2010, he entered the game industry as a game designer for Disney Interactive Studios, working on “Disney Epic Mickey” and its sequel. Since then, Matthew has been chiefly focused on large-scale AAA game development, holding roles as a designer on the games “Shroud of the Avatar” and “Recore,” as well as helping out with programming on multiple PlayStation titles. When Matthew isn’t designing or programming game systems and levels, he enjoys going to the symphony, playing fantasy football, and coming up with unique Pokémon card deck strategies.

Chloe Buzzotta
Movement Organizer and Ecovillage Consultant

Chloe discovered her passion for organizing  and ecological justice by traveling to eco-based communities. She experienced successful projects (including Valhalla Movement). She continued her education at Goddard College with a focus on  grassroot initiatives. Some of her titles have been Co-director of the Austin Permaculture Guild and Coordinator of the Global Ecovillage Network. She currently is the director of Whole Systems Network and organizer at CivilX.

Michael Lubker

Business Advisor

Michael has 15 years of experience across startups, game development, open source and event management, with a strong interest in sustainable/organic growing and raw/vegan/vegetarian food production. Excited to support the mission and vision of CivilX through business planning, connections, and crypto.

Skillsets: Project Management, Design, QA, Community Management, Business Development, Business Management.

Arian Pleroma

Art director , Concept and 3D Artist, Narrator

Since I can remember I had vivid imaginations of worlds and people  that longed to be designed and explored.

I am currently studying for my bachelor of Arts in illustration in Hamburg Germany .

There has always been a deep search for meaning behind the forms and colors that surround us and to find ways to uncover this universal language of creation.

I left the field of art and dove deeply into a journey of self healing and the realm of the subconscious. I realized the problems we face can not be solved on an individual level. In fact, our individual problems are holding the solutions to a new way of living, a new culture. 

I have a wide field of interest that influences my art, containing health, movement, mysticism, meditation, astrology, playing hand pan, chi gong, consciousness research, philosophy  architecture, community building, facilitating heart circles, coaching, writing poetry, giving lectures and studying the great minds of the ages.

Luke Despain

Visual & Sound Director

As an app designer, Luke studied UX research and UI design at McCombs School of Business in Austin, Texas. His app designs are built using modern UX research principles in conjunction with eternal design principles found in nature (golden ratio, fibonacci sequence, the language of colors, etc). As a game composer, Luke combines modern music production with 10 years of classically-trained music theory to design unique soundscapes and write original compositions.  

Using intuitive, invisible design techniques, his goal is to create a seamless experience where users hardly notice the elements that induce a state of flow when playing the game. Luke loves exploring ways that light and sound complement each other, which is creatively woven into his work as a visual designer, musical artist and curious soul.